Franklin Report Report Card for Sutton Clock Shop in New York City
★ Franklin Report Card
Sutton Clock Shop
218 East 82nd Street
New York, NY 10028
(212) 758-2260
Main Contact: Sebastian Laws
Clock & Watch Repair

Services & Specialties
Keeping clocks of all varieties in tick-tock shape

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FR Review:
Since 1967, Sutton Clock Shop has been aiding New Yorkers in all their clock repair needs. Originally run by Knud Christiansen, a Dutchman who came to America during World War II, the shop is now operated by his son, Sebastian Laws, who apprenticed with his father. Half of the business is retail, and most of the clocks in the store are unique antiques. Clocks range in price from $50-$2,000 (most are in the $250 range). The other aspect of the business is repair. Laws repairs clocks and barometers but not watches. “Everything can be fixed,” he told us proudly, but he went on to explain that it might not always be financially viable to fix it. That is the customer’s choice. Laws gives customers a free estimate on the cost of repair (the estimate usually only takes a few days). Then customers can then decide whether or not to go through with restoring the piece. Laws charges for the repair itself, and you pay in full when you pick up your clock. If the piece brought in requires rare or obsolete pieces, Sutton can make them, and turnaround time is typically two weeks.

House calls are available to assess and repair clocks that are not easily transported. House calls do carry a fee, but in-store estimates are always free. There is no minimum project price - Laws will just as happily repair a no-name piece with sentimental value as they will an antique Ansonia mantle clock. His passion for the ever-changing mechanics of his profession is said to "really shine through."

Representative Client Comments:
"Great service and nice people." "The best in town." “One of the only places left that does this sort of thing.” “Very reasonable for the expertise involved.” “I’m amazed at what he can do.”

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