Franklin Report Report Card for Ark Restoration  in New York City
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Ark Restoration
250 West 54th Street, Room 408
(between 8th Ave and Bwdy)
New York, NY 10019
(212) 244-1028
Main Contact: Anatoly Krishtul
Ceramic & Glass Repair
Jewelry Repair & Restoration

Services & Specialties
Miracle workers in decorative object restoration

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FR Review:
Ark Restoration is touted as "the only place" to bring delicate and dainty valuables for repair, especially antique jewelry, and ceramic, enamel and glass objets d'art. The clients who come to Ark typically have a big-ticket item with a complicated issue, such as a rare 1880's Viennese vase shattered in an earthquake or a large Tiffany stained glass window requiring several months' restoration work. Ark will also take on more straightforward projects, such as a broken teacup handle, but the price is only right if it's a colossally sentimental piece (we're talking Nana's wedding china from the Old Country here).

Husband and wife Rena and Anatoly Krishtul make an interesting team: she studied ceramic and glass design and he civil engineering (both in the Soviet Union). They brought their combined skills to America and opened shop in 1982, building the business up to where it is today--one of NYC's most trusted and known for its focus on "achieving perfection." They divide the repair work between themselves and three other full-time staff, and all restoration is done onsite. Ark is by appointment only, but we hear that calling an hour ahead to set one up usually suffices. There is no minimum price, but with many projects costing thousands of dollars, this is definitely not the place to bring anything easily replaced.

Open by appointment only

Representative Client Comments:
"The Rolls-Royce of decorative object repair." "Anatoly and Rena are utter perfectionists and really know their antiques and valuables." "I take all of my valuable jewelry to them, because I know they'll get it right." "I appreciate their honesty--I took in a Meissen bowl with a botched repair job (from elsewhere) and Anatoly advised me that it probably wasn't worth what it would cost to repair it." "They only operate at one speed, and that's the speed of doing a job correctly--and doing this kind of repair work correctly is expensive." "Their enamel repair is seamless." "The very best in the business."

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Posted 3/18/2011
Reviewed By:
Lady Gaga Gagaville ,CA

Bottom Line:
Super expensive super worth it!
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Project Description & Comments:
Best in the business! They have saved my life on numerous occasions (well, not my life, but my china). Super expensive super worth it!!!
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