Franklin Report Report Card for Hess Restorations in New York City
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Hess Restorations
526 West 26th street
New York, NY 10001
(212) 260-2255

Services & Specialties
Restorer of art objects both old and new

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FR Review:
There are few places one can turn when an 18th century Chinese vase is accidentally shattered or an African tribal mask is badly damaged during a move. Luckily for owners of special objects, Hess Restoration is one such place. Hess specializes in restoring works of art made of porcelain, ceramic, glass, crystal, silver, ivory, marble, wood and just about any other material used to make beautiful things. They even repair antique clocks and paintings. Clients in antiques appreciate the value added when they restore pieces with Hess, while private clients are grateful that treasured pieces can be restored to their former glory--regardless of what it costs. "If it's worth saving, it's worth repairing," goes the company motto.

Hess has been in operation since 1945; under current management since 2000. Owner Lada Gabriel has been in the restoration business for over 20 years and wholeheartedly espouses the belief that the customer "is always right." The clients we spoke with laud the work as "superior quality" and the staff as "pleasant to deal with." Because the work is so specialized, Gabriel subcontracts most jobs out to a tailored list of specialists, who then work on the objects onsite at Hess's Manhattan workshop. The minimum charge is $65, but fees can go into the hundreds or thousands, depending on a project's complexity. Owners of very valuable, but only marginally damaged objects, will be pleased to know that Hess charges on the amount of work required, not on the value of the piece itself.

Representative Client Comments:
"I send most of my ceramic and metal pieces to Hess." "I would recommend them to others and have." "I like that they're still in Manhattan. The last thing I want to do when I have a damaged piece on my hands is have to schlep it to Brooklyn or Queens." "They charge fairly for the work done, which is always high quality."

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