Franklin Report Report Card for Tender Buttons in New York City
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Tender Buttons
143 East 62nd
(between 3rd & Lexington)
New York, NY 10065
(212) 758-7004
Main Contact: Millicent Safro
Trims, Ribbons & Buttons

Services & Specialties
A bastion of buttons both old and new

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FR Review:
Tender Buttons is more than just a button boutique--it's a tribute to the beloved fastener and a great place to get lost in for an afternoon. The small, narrow shop is lined with a dizzying array of buttons, from old military and 18th century French enamel to buttons made from Bakelite or adorning this season's Armani suits. If what you seek isn't on the floor, it's probably stored upstairs, which the staff will happily scout out. Tender Buttons is also recommended as a great place to take visitors who "get a kick out of niche shops."

"Delightful" and "enthusiastic" owner Millicent Safro has been in the button business for over 50 years. Safro has "seen it all" come through the shop over the years, from celebrities and artists to the woman who spent so many afternoons gazing at the wares that her suspicious husband eventually called the store to check her alibi. Annual trips to Europe keep the varied stock replenished and Safro has been known to go as far as Cairo to "button hunt." Very rare buttons, like George Washington's Inauguration button, fetch into the thousands, but more modestly priced options certainly abound and can be yours for just a buck or two.

Representative Client Comments:
"Helpful and quirky staff." "Not the cheapest prices, but the selection is incredible. It's one of those places in New York that's fun to go to even if you're just browsing." "I took an old winter coat in, and the staff helped me find a new set of buttons. For the price of four buttons, I got what felt like a whole new coat." "A treasure trove, and their display window is always so creative."

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Posted 6/22/2011
Reviewed By:
Fred Verified Review
Fred Nicolaus New York ,CA

Bottom Line:
A charming and helpful resource
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Project Description & Comments:
Went in to replace a missing button on a navy blazer. Millicent didn't have an exact match but she helped me find one that was very close. Prices are high but the quality and selection are unbeatable. Plus it's a lovely place to spend an afternoon, very charming little shop.
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