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Dial 7
43-23 35th Street
Long Island City, NY 11101
(212) 777-7777
Car Rentals & Chauffeurs

Services & Specialties
Reliable car service, especially to La Guardia, JFK and Newark

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FR Review:
Dial 7 is steps above yellow cabs and, at times, more affordable. If you're in need of car service in the tri-state area, particularly to the airport, Dial 7 is an efficient and reliable option. Their fleet of over 600 vehicles services thousands of clients daily, whether dropping vacationers at the airport, transporting clients to meetings or picking up grandma for a special event. Their state-of-the-art computerized dispatching system is on the ball and last-minute changes or bookings are usually doable. Also, the easy-to-memorize number (777-7777) makes Dial 7 an obvious go-to when hailing a cab seems near impossible or foul weather has left you suddenly stranded. Dial 7 has been serving clients since 1977, and though widely praised for timeless, we here that levels of professionalism can vary from driver to driver, meaning that those requiring white-glove service may want to look elsewhere.

Representative Client Comments:
"I've used them for years." "I had a less-than-stellar driver once or twice, but overall, they're my default car service." "I always reserve them when flying out of JFK--the driver is usually five minutes early and will just wait until I come down."

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Posted 2/8/2011
Reviewed By:
Nicholas4 Verified Review
Nicholas4 New York, NY

Bottom Line:
Cheaper than a taxi from JFK. And a lot nicer too!
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Project Description & Comments:
A very good phone number to have nearby. When my investment banker husband cannot get his company's regular car service to pick him up in the snow, he calls Dial 7 and they generally come fairly quickly. Maybe not the highest end service in NY, but many of my friends use them as they do the trick at a great cost.
        Cost of Project: $0 - 300
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