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Firm Shoe Repair
116 4th Avenue
(between 11th & 12th)
New York, NY 10003
(212) 533-8530
Main Contact: Alex Semkhayev
FR Rated

Services & Specialties
Shoe repair with a "sole" and low prices to boot

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FR Review:
Customers rave about the exceptional craftsmanship delivered by this East Village corner shop and marvel at the very fair, very reasonable prices. The largely Russian/Uzbek staff take on difficult cases with vigor, whether reshaping a pair of pumps or salvaging the back heel of the shoes you literally wore down to the ground. One customer says that Firm's quality is "just as good as what you'd find at Jim's and other ritzy NYC repair shops, minus the attitude or inflated prices." The constant stream of traffic in and out of the rather diminutive shop would seem to substantiate this.

Firm also offers several additional services, such as briefcase repair and watch battery replacements, and their selection of laces and soles is wide (including Christian Louboutin's signature red soles). Turnaround time is usually one or two days, but can be expedited to a few hours, depending on a project's size. A thorough shoe shine starts at $3, replacing back boot soles starts at $15 (trending higher for Fryes or other heavy duty boots) and a new boot zipper starts at $25. Though the staff is considered highly skilled overall, best to ask for owner Alex Semkhayev in complicated cases. Semkhayev used to make shoes back in his native Uzbekistan and excels at troubleshooting.

Representative Client Comments:
"The craftsmanship is amazing and the prices are fair." "The building itself is nondescript. I walked by many times before peeking in, but sure am glad I did." "I like how you can see the men at work through the side window--it's always bustling back there!" "They have an incredible range of soles and laces."

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Posted 2/21/2011
Reviewed By:
SusanDresner Verified Review
SusanDresner New York, NY

Bottom Line:
A NYC shoe repair gem.
Work Quality
Cost Evaluation
Value Analysis
Project Description & Comments:
I've taken several pairs to Firm that needed amending and customization. They could not have done a better job of addressing everything I needed, and the prices are so reasonable. The breadth of their auxiliary products and services is also impressive--zippers, special soles, inserts, watch repair--you name it!
        Cost of Project: $0 - 300
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