Franklin Report Report Card for Jim's Shoe Repair in New York City
★ Franklin Report Card
Jim's Shoe Repair
50 East 59th Street
(between Madison & Park)
New York, NY 10022
(212) 355-8259

Services & Specialties
Popular NYC cobbler with old-time flair

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FR Review:
Jim's Shoe Repair is a Manhattan staple, beloved just as much for its worn, old-fashioned interior as for its dependable service. Jim's has been family owned since 1932 and Manhattanites from all corners pop in and out of the 59th & Madison shop with shoes, boots and belts in need of some TLC. Shoeshine enthusiasts stick around for what some argue is the "best shoeshine in NYC," and the row of old shining benches out front certainly makes a great perching point from which to watch TV or read the paper while getting a "leisurely" shine.

Jim's is busy, especially early mornings or right before the 6:00 PM closing time. Turnaround time can take longer than at less-beloved shops, so don't drop your favorite heels off on a Wednesday and expect to have them back in time for the weekend. Jim's has also been known to "rest on its laurels" in the customer-service department on occasion, but the overall repair quality is said to remain "very high." Prices are considered expensive in comparison to a corner shop: resetting a heel starts at $15; full boot sole and heel replacement at $45.75.

Representative Client Comments:
"Ask a New Yorker for a good cobbler recommendation and one out of two will send you straight to Jim's." "The staff is pretty cheerful." "I love the old-school cash register at the front, though I'm pretty sure it doesn't work." "One time they wouldn't repair a pair of damaged suede loafers of mine, but everything else I've been really pleased with." "Don't go here after work--it's a zoo."

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