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Shernaz Kennedy
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Shernaz Kennedy is the real deal. An International Women's Master, she played for the US Olympiad Team and was Bobby Fischer's best friend. In fact, she moved to the United States from India in 1976 to train with Fischer's coach, Jack Collins. Since then she has become a New York chess fixture, leading classes, organizing local tournaments and spring chess camps, traveling with her team to state competitions, and training with an eye for junior national and world champions.

Kennedy's chess world centers on weekly group sessions and tournaments at All Souls Church on East 80th street, but she also does private lessons. In addition, she has taught at many of the private day schools in Manhattan including Browning, Buckley, Trinity, and Town. Kennedy's proteges start as young as three years old and go through high school. With four children of her own, she is said to completely understand the psyche of junior competition and even does special education chess. Thus, she focuses on making chess not only an intellectual enterprise but also a social gathering. She helps to organize as many as 30 other coaches and their students for regular gatherings. Group lessons are about $500 for a ten package program, which includes lessons and games, with privates at about $150/hour.

Many in the chess world look forward to Kennedy's forthcoming book, "King's Indian - Inside the Mind of Bobby Fisher," which describes Fischer's proposal of marriage to Kennedy. Clearly, Kennedy has been a dynamic fixture in the chess scene for decades with countless UES families depending on her coaching and counsel

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