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Manhattan Renovations

79 Madison Avenue, Suite 540
New York , NY 10016
(212) 685-6358
Main Contact: Alla Harrington
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Contractors - General
Millwork & Cabinetry

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No-nonsense contractor with a creative intuition and service-driven approach

FR Review:
It may sound like a no-brainer, but a contractor who just “gets it done” as promised is a godsend; Manhattan Renovations does that, and with a level of empathy and personal attention that sets them apart from a rough pack. Here, the clock starts when a prospective client sends a simple inquiry. Within minutes, the “on the ball” administrative staff is researching the building—and exact unit when possible—while the “perceptive and thorough” estimator begins to devise a proposal and the operations manager composes a personal request for a meeting. Shockingly, this mid-sized contracting firm presents its cut and dry budget strategy, timeline, and capabilities on Day 1, avoiding the smoke and mirrors that usually lead to renovation heartbreak; instead the motto is “do it now and do it right.” Clients embrace the direct approach, appreciating that it comes from a creative foresight for the life of a project, including its hangups. Service aside, the firm's finesse extends to its craft as well, which is as ornate and versatile as they come; architects, decorators and homeowners alike agree this firm makes a project evolve.

Much like her company, principal Alla Harrington puts on a tough front but has a sensitivity that turns partnerships into friendships. Originally from Siberia, Harrington was born with the engineering gene and mastered her talents there at The Academy of Fine Arts and University of Architecture and Civil Engineering. Founded by Harrington’s late husband Andrew in 2001, the firm’s staff today carries on his bedrock principles of reliability and forthrightness. As far as the ins and outs of NYC renovating go, this firm has the city down—it’ll even stand-in at co-op hearings and oversee outsourced repairs that come into contact with its previous work. Already tackling projects of 10, 12, even 15 thousand square feet, Manhattan Renovations has even bigger plans–and new locations–on the horizon. Think: vacation homes from the Hamptons to Santa Monica. While it may not yet be a household name like the big guns in construction, Manhattan Renovations stays under the radar delivering equal quality at a slightly lower price.

Representative Client Comments:
“I could not believe the response time, every time. They stayed on top of everything and kept me in the loop.” “Alla has the ability to optimize space. It’s ingenious how she creates it where there is none, especially in this city.” “Manhattan Renovations did everything, down to the built-ins and finishes. And I loved that when I asked if they could even do some furniture they were honest and upfront saying they were more than capable but that we’d be better off price-wise getting it done by a specialist.” “Impeccable work ethic and elegant designs.” “My go-to company for anything I’ve needed over the years - even some smaller repairs that are definitely not common practice. Everyone in my family uses them.” “They don’t run on a Monday-Friday, 9-5 schedule; they know that’s when clients are busy and that after hours works best for us.” “They are very serious about their work but everyone on the team has a personality.” “The only thing they’re doing differently from SilverLining is they’re charging a little less.” "Manhattan Renovations rolls with the punches with grace every time." “Alla has a way of bringing out my tastes and helping my design sense evolve. Pretty rare for a contractor!” “They just make it work, no matter what.”

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Posted 4/8/2015
Reviewed By:
KInvestments ,

Bottom Line:
They were professional and organized. I signed up for the yearly maintenance package with them.
Work Quality
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Project Description & Comments:
I saw Manhattan Renovations working with a few of the other residents at The Pierre and after seeing their work hired them to redo my apartment alongside my designer. I was able to move in the day they promised and they coordinated with my designer to achieve exactly the look we were going for. Thank you. -K
        Cost of Project: $500,001 or more
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Posted 5/12/2015
Reviewed By:
EuropeanClient New York, NY

Bottom Line:
Wonderful experience.
Work Quality
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Project Description & Comments:
Manhattan Renovations has been fantastic. We were worried at first to undertake renovations as we live in Europe. However everything went really smoothly. We listened to their wise recommendations, and we finished on time and on budget. We will recommend Manhattan Renovations to everybody.
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