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Hair Style for Dogs
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Main Contact: José Luis Rojas
Pet Grooming

Services & Specialties
Warm, excellent in-house dog grooming

FR Member Benefit
One half price grooming for new customers, value $50-$100

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FR Review:
Why would you ever subject your beloved dog to an impersonal clipping job with much of his time spent in a cage when Rojas can come to your house for basically the same price? Not only is the dog and the owner happier with an a house-call visit, but the quality of the service will likely be higher and completely individualized. By building a relationship with the groomer, you can specifically determine if you want the tail a bit bushier, the skirt a little shorter and/or different cuts for different seasons. Rojas will execute extremely well and remember for the next time. Not only is the grooming service highly professional but Rojas is easy, delightful and very kind to the canines.

Rojas hails from Venezuela, where he completed five years of veterinarian school. However, upon receiving an opportunity to come to the US, he moved to New York in 2002. Continuing his commitment to animals, he received his NY Dog Grooming certificate and worked in upper end dog salons for several years. Rojas was one of the first two house call dog groomers to avail themselves of Craig's List and he soon had a large following. He continued his training with Jonathan David, the 2009 Finalist in Animal Planet's "Groomer Has It" television competition and worked with David in national competitions such as the Hershey PA Intergroom where they won the #1 Poodle and #2 Springer Spaniel awards in 2008. When David left New York in 2009 for Miami, most David's "very difficult to please" clients moved to Rojas.

Currently, Rojas has about 30 devoted clients and he is said to make himself available to clients for any "last minute pet grooming emergency." Small dogs run about $100 and large dogs more, up to Standard Poodles at $200 which includes about 3-4 hours of meticulous grooming. Once clients use Rojas, they can't imagine ever going to a cut shop again.

Representative Client Comments:
"José is kind to the animals, and pleasant to be with. He is so very accommodating, and leaves the dog and the kitchen perfectly neat and clean." "Totally dependable and easy. Can definitely work with just the housekeeper. I do not need to be there."

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Posted 2/24/2011
Reviewed By:
tree ss New York ,NY

Bottom Line:
A real New York find. Would never go back to a dog cutting factory.
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Project Description & Comments:
Absolutely love, love having José groom our dog. Less expensive than the guys up the street, no taxi hassle and I know my dog is getting the must humane treatment possible. Also, José loves making you and the dog happy. He will work with you to find the exact right length and shape that works for you. Totally trained by the best. Terrific service and excellent results.
        Cost of Project: $0 - 300
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