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★ Franklin Report Card
Institute of Culinary Education
50 West 23rd Street
(between 5th & 6th Ave)
New York , NY 10010
(800) 522-4610
Cooking Schools & Classes

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An impressive array of hands-on, in-depth cooking classes

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FR Review:
Recreational cooking classes at The Institute of Culinary Education (ICE) attract foodies with an itch to learn real techniques in a "diverse crowd" and "hands-on" environment. There's something for everyone in the 1,500 classes offered each year, whether you want to hone your French pastry skills or quite literally can't even boil water. Classes take place primarily nights and weekends and include perennial favorites like "The Essentials of Tuscan Cooking" as well as the more specialized "Ancient Greek Dining: From Odysseus to Alexander the Great." Classes normally last 4 hours, involve 9 dishes and culminate in a communal meal of what's been prepared. Students say the time "flies by" and that everyone always leaves "full and smiling."

ICE opened its doors in 1975, originally under the name "Peter Kump's Cooking School" (fun fact: Kump helped establish the James Beard Foundation with Julia Child). Current president Rick Smilow renamed it in 1995 and there are hundreds of chefs and cookbook authors making teaching appearances at ICE every year. A four-hour class costs around $120, which many consider a great value "considering the amount you learn and how much amazing food you enjoy at the end."

Representative Client Comments:
"The first class I took was Essentials of Tuscan Cooking--highly recommended." "Chef Daniel Stone is fantastic. He's the perfect blend of fun, information and passion." "The quality of ingredients is unbelievable. It'll be January and you'll be cooking with tomatoes that seem right off the vine from Italy." "The atmosphere is social and everyone comes together to enjoy the food and a glass of wine at the end." "Even though they're recreational classes, a lot of people still take it pretty seriously."

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