Franklin Report Report Card for Elizabeth J. Bonamo, PT in New York City
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Elizabeth J. Bonamo, PT
By Appointment
New York, NY
(917) 865-8838
Main Contact: Liz Bonamo
Physical Therapists
Sports Medicine

Services & Specialties
Superior and compelling home physical therapy

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FR Review:
Bonamo has a following of devoted fans, many of whom have worked with her for years and years. Highly recommended for physical therapy by the premier orthopedics at HSS (and therefore the best in the city), including the "God of Shoulders" himself, David Altchek, Bonamo stands out not only for her indisputable skill but also for her warm and kind manner. Clients quickly become habitués and then friends.

Highly accommodating, Bonamo specializes in orthopedics and sports medicine for adults and adolescents, in home or office settings. A graduate of NYU and employed by HSS for 12 years, Bonamo is highly trained and experienced. For post-operative treatments and traumatic injury, Liz aims to heal the patient as quickly as possible and move on to the next case. Alternatively, she is called upon for non-surgical treatments which are longer in duration and can often lead to a maintenance regime including ongoing muscle strengthening and fitness training. Liz's home service fees are about 10% higher than a standard office visit and refundable by insurance when prescribed by a doctor. Clients say that they could not imagine being treated by anyone else.

Representative Client Comments:
"Liz is simultaneously highly professional and extremely friendly which is hard to accomplish." "I so enjoy my time with Liz - she is extremely pleasant and totally gets the job done." "I tried so many different PT concepts for my teenager, but between the homework and the SATs, Liz was the clear solution. My daughter looks forward to her time with Liz, never canceling appointments (unlike the SAT tutor and the squash coach)."

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Posted 5/24/2011
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John Lassoites New York ,NY

Bottom Line:
Outstanding professional, warm personality. First rate.
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Project Description & Comments:
Liz is incredibly helpful, dependable and charming. She has kept my daughter healthy through so many different sports injuries, to live and play another day! And even helped my husband recover from his Achilles operation. We have been clients and now friends with Liz for over 10 years. I can not imagine anyone better.
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Posted 6/21/2014
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Bottom Line:
It has been and will continue to be the best medical-related experience of my life.
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I have had physical therapists for the last 60 years, and Liz is far and away the best. I am fortunate to see her at least 5 hours a week at the gym in my building. She is creative, thoughtful, tough, upbeat, and she knows her stuff. I look forward to my sessions. She is also very helpful in advising on treatments, surgeries, etc. I cannot recommend her more highly.
        Cost of Project: $10,001 - 50,000
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