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Eliza's Eyes
30 East 76th Street
(corner of Madison Ave)
New York, NY 10021
(212) 757-0702
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Famous for eyebrow shaping and face framing

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FR Review:
Eliza Petrescu has "unfurrowed" thousands of brows over the years and is hailed as New York's "Eyebrow Guru." Using basic wax, tweezers and pencils, she coaxes clients' brows into the perfect shape and thickness. Clients call her touch "special," her technique "thorough." Petrescu originally gained a following as a waxer at Frederic Fekkai, striking off in 1998 to open her very own eyebrow studio, "Eliza's Eyes." The Upper East Side shop recently expanded its services to include facials and permanent makeup, but the main focus remains very much on helping clients achieve "eyebrow perfection."

A considerable premium is charged for this level of perfection: $88 for a session with an associate and $128 for a consultation with Eliza herself. Devotees don't "raise a brow" at the cost, however, which they recommend as "completely fair" for the skill and precision delivered. Newbies beware: a consultation at Eliza's necessitates letting your eyebrows grow out for four to six weeks prior to the first consultation and opinions are said to "run strong" when it comes to your optimal brow shape, so don't even think about asking for a pencil-thin look.

Representative Client Comments:
"After years of having my brows butchered at random salons, I finally committed to going the Eliza way." "People are always commenting on how great my brows look." "Pricey, but they're the experts."

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