Franklin Report Report Card for Georgiana's Creations in New York City
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Georgiana's Creations
254 East 74th Street, Suite B
(between 2nd & 3rd Ave)
New York, NY 10021
(212) 452-3117
Main Contact: Georgiana Smith

Services & Specialties
Spa specializing in cellulite reduction and skin purification

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FR Review:
New York ladies swear by Georgiana in the war against cellulite. She combines invigorating deep-tissue massage with her own line of cellulite cream, the results of which are said to be "noticeably firmer skin." Her Upper East Side spa has many long-time devotees, some of whom come weekly, but we hear that most clients only require an appointment every "six to eight weeks" to keep legs, hips and bottoms "taught." Also on offer: body scrubs, body wraps, skin brushing and facials.

Cuban-born Georgiana Smith has been an esthetician for over thirty years and running her own shop for the past twenty. She performs most of the treatments herself and is said to be "absolutely effective"--if "somewhat zany." An anti-cellulite massage treatment costs about $200, which clients recommend as a "good value" for the results. Those who prefer a D.I.Y. method can order Georgiana's all-natural product line over the internet for home use.

Representative Client Comments:
"I swear by her." "Part of my anti-aging arsenal!" "The results are noticeable and last for weeks." "Georgiana is a character--a real NYC institution."

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