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Equinox Fitness
20+ Locations Around NYC
(212) 774-6363

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Luxury gym possessing style and substance

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FR Review:
Equinox is popular among those who desire an "overall experience," are willing to pay more for solid service and never want their gym to "smell like a gym." The 20+ New York locations vary in layout and culture, but Equinox facilities are by and large praised for being pristine ("There's always someone vacuuming or mopping"), having quality equipment ("The machines are modern and rarely out of order") and attracting great instructors ("I'd follow Frank anywhere"). Some members are clearly there to "see and be seen," but many more are there to have a great sweat and get on their way.

Classes run the gamut from standard studio cycling and Pilates to whatever is en mode, such as Kettlebell Cardio or VIPR (both involving the gyration of bulky objects). The amenities are ample (full spas, day care, private Pilates studios, etc) but the freebies are what win hearts over: complimentary yoga mats, Eucalyptus-infused hand towels, razors, hairdryers and Kiehl's bath products flowing like Manna from heaven. The only beef? Most of the TV's are centralized (instead of located on each piece of equipment), meaning you'd better be OK with CNN and ESPN during the after-work rush.

The streamlined facilities and top instructors come at a price: memberships are typically between $140 and $180 a month (more sought-after locations falling at the top end) and there's a hefty initiation fee of $500+. Those who hold off on joining until one of the club's several promotions staggered throughout the year could see their initiation fee drop well below $100.

Representative Client Comments:
"All around great, classy gym." "The after-work rush is crazy, but that's true just about anywhere, and I've never had to wait too long for anything." "I have no idea what they pump in the air, but it always smells good when you walk in." "The kind of place where they remember your name."

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Posted 6/15/2011
Reviewed By:
Josh Verified Review
Josh Maio New York ,NY

Bottom Line:
Great facility, get your name in early for the 'good' classes!!
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Project Description & Comments:
Great facility & equipment. Can be a little tough during the peak hours, but what place isn't. Have some great classes & instructors, but the quality can vary greatly, which can make it tough to get into the "good" classes.
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