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FR Review:
Several of our members tried Official-Online-Tickets with mixed success. Generally the reports are that the personnel on the phone seem knowledgeable and helpful, and that the price is within expectations. However, after you give over your credit card, the seats are not always what you expect. The issue seems to be that the interface between the online theater map descriptions of tickets types do not seem to match the Official-Online view of what the seats are named. Unsurprisingly, this does not seem to work in the purchasers' favor.

Representative Client Comments:
"I expected Premium Seats and paid for Premium Seats but received mediocre seats instead." "I was very pleased with my multiple transactions with Online." "They talk a good game but don't necessarily deliver."

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Posted 6/14/2011
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BlueStar New York, NY

Bottom Line:
Try another option.
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"I did not feel that they were on the up-and-up."
        Cost of Project: $301 - 1,000
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