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Bradley True Entertainment
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Children's Entertainment

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Kids' musical entertainment with an educational bent

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FR Review:
Bradley True is a musician, educator and toddler-tamer extraordinaire, specializing in musical entertainment for kids aged 6 months to 7 years. Whether it's a princess-themed birthday party or festive Halloween bash, True plays a range of befitting songs (many originals) and always brings an arsenal of cool toys and puppets along. His songs incorporate educational tidbits on science, nature and how to "play nice," and he's said to have a knack for captivating kids without being "too wonky for the adults in the crowd." In essence, True hits the right note between Barney and rock 'n' roll.

True's specialties are birthday parties and "semester-long" mommy & me classes, both typically lasting an "action-packed" 45 minutes. Whatever the occasion, parents appreciate "not having to worry about the entertainment factor" when hiring True. True has been entertaining kids since 2002, and has grown increasingly popular on the UES, Tribeca and Hamptons entertainment circuit--with prices to match. Birthdays start at $615 (for 15 kids), with the 12-session mommy & me classes costing $400 per class (for 10). Many mommies take turns hosting sessions at their homes and often split the cost, equating to just $40 per class per child.

Representative Client Comments:
"Bradley has a special gift with children." "It's amazing how he captivates the attention of all the kids, especially when teaching them something." "His music appeals on a broad level and is never obnoxious, which is always the danger when it comes to music geared toward kids."

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