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Wacky Wendy

New York, NY
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Zany party entertainer specializing in hats and jokes

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FR Review:
Wacky Wendy has been entertaining New Yorkers with her unique blend of hat artistry and improv for decades. Her specialty hats are made from simple disks of paper, which she nimbly and swiftly cuts with a scissors until they "take on lives of their own." A duck, a telephone, a cowboy--there's little that Wendy can't depict in colorful paper. She knows how to work the crowd, throwing in jokes and anecdotes while snipping at "lightning speed."

A sculptor by training, paper became Wendy's favored medium by accident. It was 1982 and Wendy Brackman found herself bored at a barbecue. She grabbed the paper plate and scissors before her and made some random snips. The result was a hat, and she's been honing her technique ever since under the colorful guise of "Wacky Wendy." Although Wendy is said to "bring a lot to any gathering," we hear she focuses primarily on fund raisers and other large gatherings, not necessarily kids' birthday parties.

Representative Client Comments:
"A very talented, very funny artist." "Great mix of stand up and hat making--I've used her for several parties." "The Edward Scissor Hands of hats! But funny!"

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