Franklin Report Report Card for New York Partner Dance  in New York City
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New York Partner Dance
1261 Broadway, Suite 510
New York, NY 10001
(646) 742-1520
Main Contact: Nathan Hescock
Dance Schools & Classes

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Private dance instruction in a personable and relaxed setting

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FR Review:
For beginners intimidated by bright lights and big mirrors, New York Partner Dance offers a soothing alternative: private lessons in a homey setting accompanied by gratis cocktails to warm the coldest of feet. Founded by Ballroom dancer and President of Rhythm Break Productions (a dance entertainment company) Nathan Hescock in 1999, the studio is geared to teach the average person with two left feet how to move.

Instructors are masters in all forms of social dance and thus have the ability to combine steps from various styles into unique routines. Types of instruction offered include: cha-cha, salsa, tango, waltz, mambo, samba, foxtrot, east and west coast swing, hustle, belly dance, and wedding dance. Each lesson is fifty-five minutes long and is tailored to the desire of the individual or couple. (Group lessons are also available, as is in-home instruction). The studio attracts people of all ages and dance levels (with a heavy concentration of beginners) who are interested in intense learning in a private and personable setting. Some practice for a specific event, such as a wedding or Bar or Bat Mitzvah, while others treat lessons as part of a regular date night.

The four separate studios are each decorated with rescued and antique furniture, provided by Furnish Green. This keeps the space in a constant mode of transformation as the décor is always changing. One week a studio may house a vintage shabby chic credenza, while the next it may acquire a modern Danish dresser. The home décor is meant to put nerves at ease. Complimentary wine and cocktails also help.

Individual lessons start at $97, while packages start at six lessons for $528. Rates are slightly high, yet reasonable compared to that of other studios that offer similar instruction. The staff is top notch with a remarkable ability to convey seemingly complicated dance lingo in a fun and easily understood manner. Overall: an elegant, yet laidback atmosphere in which to learn a few new moves or an entire choreographed routine.

Representative Client Comments:
"The two of us have four left feet, yet some how the folks at New York Partner Dance managed to teach us. Our instructor was very patient and kind, and more importantly, was REALLY GREAT at explaining the moves to us, trouble-shooting when we messed up, and showing us tips/tricks to remember the steps."

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