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Brian Kilcommons
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(888) 323-1489
Main Contact: Brian Kilcommons
Pet Training

Services & Specialties
Exceptional dog training, specializing in behavorial issues

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FR Review:
Well beyond your MasterCard, the services rendered by Brian Kilcommons are priceless. The joy of living with a well-trained (or at least an under control) dog, can change your life according to highly appreciative clients. Kilcommons has that canine je ne sais quoi that dogs clearly understand. There's no messing around with Kilcommons when it is necessary to be serious; he walks in the door and takes command. Often, not surprisingly, the owners need at least as much training as the dogs.

But the bottom line is that your rugs and De Angelis sofa will be saved. As alluded to above, this does not come cheap (hourly sessions are about $250) but it usually takes only about three to get command. After that, it is all upside. Kilcommons also teaches owners and dogs some tricks for further bonding and fun. The key is to try to emulate and maintain Kilcommons's authoritative positioning. Clients are stunned and amazed, but mostly very grateful.

The firm also boards its client dogs at a wonderful, three acre wooded site in Southbury, CT with a pool for the swimmers. Often, puppies will board for a month at about 8 weeks old, to start domestic life on the right paw. Kilcommons has been in this business 30 years and has worked with over 35,000 dogs. He was on the faculty of Tufts University, teaching behavioral science to the aspiring veterinarians for 15 years. He receives the highest recommendations, especially from clients who follow his advice thoroughly.
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