Franklin Report Report Card for Alvin Ailey School in New York City
★ Franklin Report Card
Alvin Ailey School
405 West 55th Street
New York, NY 10019
(212) 405-9056
Main Contact: Emily Hawkins and Tracy Inman
Dance Schools & Classes - Youth

Services & Specialties
Top training for the professional and recreational dancer

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FR Review:
The Ailey School has an international reputation for high caliber training and for treating its dancers exceptionally well. The curriculum is unique with a foundation in both ballet and modern. Unlike other schools that have students choose one concentration, The Ailey School requires its dancers to master both techniques. The school promotes this approach to create the most skilled and versatile (i.e. employable) dancers. In fact, 80 percent of the current Ailey Company is comprised of former Ailey students.
In addition to technique classes, The Ailey School offers an extensive support system for its dancers, including services geared toward mental and physical health, financial aid, international student affairs, and career advisement. The curriculum incorporates an array of dance forms and is supplemented by pilates, yoga, and gyrokinesis. For dancers eager to delve into the world of dance instruction, assistant teaching is afforded to those interested and qualified. Such services are an asset and a rarity in the world of dance study and set the Ailey School apart from other major schools within the city.
Alvin Ailey founded the studio in 1969 with the intent of creating a space that made dance available to all. Originally located in Brooklyn, the school is now situated in Manhattan's theatre district. The new 77,000 sq. ft. facility is home to The Ailey Company and School and boasts 12 studios, a 255-seat theatre, physical therapy amenities, a student library, and lounges for both faculty and students. The shared quarters works both as a space for students to peek in on the company and a way for company directors to monitor emerging talent.
The school offers curriculum for various levels of interest. The professional division is designed for dancers aiming for a career on stage. It is full-time and the level of intensity and commitment is high. The Ailey/Fordham BFA is geared to those that want to complete a four-year degree while receiving optimum dance training. There are also summer intensive, independent study, and certificate programs, which offer differing levels of intensity. Noncommittal open classes are available for all. Ailey II, the junior company, provides a bridge between the student and professional level. Admission is by invitation only and members are selected solely from the school.
In sum, The Alvin Ailey School offers a tremendous space and faculty to mold versatile and exceptional dancers capable of adjusting to the demands of an invariably developing dance world.
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