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The Cultured Canine

White Plains, NY
(914) 288-0020
Main Contact: Diane Podolsky

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White-glove small dog training and boarding

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FR Review:
Small dogs can be more than a handful. But Diane Podolsky can be a life changer for those ahead of the curve or those in need. Specializing in dogs under 15 pounds, Podolsky visits with dogs and their families to coordinate both ends of the leash. Her positive, dog-friendly methods are enjoyable as well as effective.

Clients may choose to learn to train their dog at home or have Podolsky board the puppy early on for about 2-4 weeks to get the basics under control. This would include housebreaking, home alone training and fundamental pet manners such as learning to take grooming, a down, heel, and dog socialization. She is also known to be quite effective with home visits with 3-5 sessions producing excellent results. Recent clients include those in Greenwich, Purchase, Rye and Manhattan. First the dog is trained and then the owner. Also, her Housetraining Hotline, which offers housetraining advice by phone, is available anytime and anywhere.

What distinguishes Podolsky from other trainers is her extreme dedication to the task at hand. Beyond Ritz-Carlton turn down service, if the puppy can't sleep neither does Podolsky. Only one puppy is taken on at a time for initial training with an assistant on hand for other boarders. While clearly not inexpensive at $150 a day for just boarding or more for board + train, this early tutelage is said by clients to be invaluable in the long term. The rates for home training vary from $140 to $200/ hour depending on location, which is on the lower side for those with Podolsky's experience and high recommendations. She also has been extremely helpful to clients by counseling on breed recommendations, and then in helping to select the exact dog at the breeder.

Clearly an ounce of expert prevention in the early selection and training of a dog, particularly with the more anxious toy breeds, is worth more than a pound of puppy. Clients are extremely loyal to Podolsky saying that she "has a gift" with the smaller breeds.

Representative Client Comments:
"Diane cares for my dog just as I would myself." "Our dog is treated special, just like he is at home." "They take such incredible care that our dog is actually excited and happy being boarded and when they comes home after the transition is seamless." "There is no one else I would trust with our dog, not even my family."

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Posted 8/24/2011
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Fred Essex New York ,NY

Bottom Line:
For small dogs, I can not imagine anyone better!
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Project Description & Comments:
Diane would unquestionably be the only one I would trust with my Maltese. She is truly a professional, taking her training and care of my puppy very seriously. She is respectful and also gets the job done. I particularly appreciate that she takes the time to not only train me but also to explain why she does certain things a certain way, making me better understand the process. There is also a smooth transition from her training of my dog to me taking over. Totally worth the time and expense.
        Cost of Project: $301 - 1,000
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