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Animal behaviorist with extreme insight, especially with difficult dogs

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FR Review:
Lee Charles Kelley is way more than a dog trainer but more like an extraordinary, hands-on dog psychotherapist. One would be hard-pressed to find anyone who has spent more time studying and reworking the best way to modify dog behavior. Kelley fosters a differentiated methodology of schooling called Natural Dog Training. It is based on the way that working dogs (herding dogs, police dogs, search-and-rescue dogs, drug & bomb detection dogs) are trained which takes its clue from the hunting wolf. Kelley builds on the natural predatory instincts of dogs and employs play therapy to resolve behavioral problems.

Clients are effusive about the results, most of whom come to Kelley after failing with other trainers and methodologies. Given Kelley's unique holistic angle, it is not surprising that most of his cases are with more difficult situations usually concerning biting, seperation anxiety, aggression, barking, jumping, pulling and housebreaking-- all emotional issues. He approaches these issues with a compassionate but firm ability to transfer a dog's natural energy away from the problem subject and towards the owner's commands which satisfies the dog's cooperative wolf pack genetic code.

Not only is Kelley a neo-Freudian dog trainer, but he is also a prolific writer. He has written more than 80 articles for his "My Puppy, My Self" blog on, seven mystery books featuring dogs such as 'Twas the Bite Before Christmas all which include dog training tips, and a fulsome website with thoughtful advice such as the Top 10 Myths of Dog Training. Moving to New York in 1983 from Utah, Kelley began as an actor and then quickly gravitated toward dog training after becoming a dog owner in 1989. Devoted human clients say they learn more about their dogs in one session with Kelley than then thought possible. Most moderate issues are solved in three sessions. Based in New York, clients are usually in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Long Island and New Jersey with pricing at $180 a visit, less with a package of three or five. He also boards dogs at $70 a night, with discounts for longer periods. Clients say the peace of mind and joy of working cooperatively with their pets is wholeheartedly worth the investment.

Representative Client Comments:
"In one phone consultation I completely bought in to the holistic process. Everything Lee said made sense and helped turn around serious behavioral issues." "While time consuming for the dog, trainer and owner, working with Lee was very educational, progressive and achieved excellent results." "I never would have trusted my dog to go without a leash in Central Park without Lee's training."

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