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Johnny's Window Cleaning Inc.
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New York, NY 10456
(212) 851-5711
Main Contact: John Rau
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Window Washers

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Residential window cleaning

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FR Review:
With more than sixteen years of service, this Manhattan firm is known for its high-quality work. Although Johnny’s serves mostly high-end residential clients, the company also has a number of commercial accounts, which keep the company under contract for months. While much of Johnny’s work is on the Upper East Side, the firm does serve clients in other neighborhoods throughout the city. Affirming the company’s stellar reputation are the large number of prestigious buildings along Fifth Avenue that have relied on Johnny’s work for more than a decade.

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“Minimal fuss. In and out service.” “Gets it done in a jiffy.” “Quite satisfied with their service.”

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Posted 9/12/2019
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NYC35 New York ,

Bottom Line:
This company is dishonest with horrific customer service. No one should ever use this company.
Work Quality
Cost Evaluation
Value Analysis
Project Description & Comments:
Had to insists that the workers redo several of the windows because they didn’t clean them well and then they charged me almost $50 more then what I was quoted. They told me this was not the discounted day (the building I live in gets a discount on Wednesday’s which I did not know). The company rescheduled my appointment for a Thursday and never told me about the additional cost. The workers said they would talk to their manager and I called several times. Now after three months I received an invoice for the additional amount. When I called to speak to the manager she was extremely rude, disrespectful, dismissive, threatened to send my account to collections, and then when I got upset refused to keep talking to me.
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