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Sitaras Fitness
150 East 58th Street, 12th Floor
New York, NY 10155
(212) 702-9700
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An exclusive gym that demands results

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Sitaras Fitness is the gym where presidents of other gyms work out (the heads of two major New York gyms are members). Required twice-weekly personal training sessions and rigorous workout plans create enforced accountability and ensure results. Membership is exclusive (capped at 200) and all candidates are interviewed by founder and president John Sitaras himself. (Multiple recommendations from existing members are necessary to avoid years on the waiting list). Sitaras guides the chosen few through a six-to-twelve session assessment and then creates a plan tailored to the specific goals and potential of the client.

Sitaras, a former bodybuilder, studied at Lenox Hill Hospital to develop his no-injury, results-oriented strength training method that attracts an elite clientele. Sitaras weighs every member and each decision (from workout plans to interior design) himself. He is enthusiastic about every member's progress as well as the intricacies of the space: Italian oak lockers, terrazzo shower floors, the suspended staircase "that's cut from one slab of steel", how the light seeps through clouded windows to tint the entire changing room blue and create a "beach-like" feel. Not a detail unnoticed or overlooked. Sitaras' favorite spot is the 3,000 square-foot terrace, recently redone with seductive, red-pillowed seating, two small waterfalls, and flowers imported from Japan. He tries to keep "no more than eight people working out at a time." This creates a personable, calm, and quiet (no speakers blasting music) ambiance.

Monthly fees run about $1,000 and include eight personal training sessions. Those who want help getting into prime shape (or access to the grounds where some of Manhattan's most powerful sweat) may find the costs worth it. (Then they have to find a way to get in).
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