Franklin Report Report Card for Michael Giordano Interiors: Master Paper Hanger in New York City
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Michael Giordano Interiors: Master Paper Hanger
By Appointment Only
Brooklyn, NY 11214
(917) 709-4038
Main Contact: Mike Giordano

Services & Specialties
Speciality fabric wall coverings

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FR Review:
Those in the D&D Building know seasoned artist Michael Giordano as “The Paperhanging Guru.” With an unmatched knowledge of and sensitivity for fabrics, Giordano is “on speed dial” for decorators, showrooms and homeowners alike. A certain HGTV star even relies on Michael for set design, because there is “no room for error when the world is watching.” Giordano approaches each job as if he were already troubleshooting; he anticipates miscalculations and issues so as to completely avoid them. Seriousness for the craft aside, Michael entertains while he works; he’s known as a gregarious storyteller who makes everyone on the job feel at ease.

Giordano and his wife Lisa hold down the business his father began in 1971. The “sous chef” of the duo, Lisa balances the business with her “thoughtful input” and “organizational diligence.” Together, they’ve traveled across state lines for loyal clients, but mostly keep busy with the ever-changing showrooms and show houses in the city. While Giordano is the master when it comes to hanging silk, gold leaf and hemp, he is known to be just as meticulous with more simple jobs; he hates to disappoint just as much as he loves a challenge. All agree that prices are standard for New York, plus Giordano’s precision saves both time and money in the long run. Where many paperhangers fill a niche, Giordano possesses a diverse skillset that keeps expectations high, both for himself and his clients.

Representative Client Comments:
“Michael’s work is in the D&D Building, in show houses, on TV...the proof is in the pudding.” “Some delicate fabrics and patterns can’t be redone. When I use those, I only trust Michael, he’s an expert.” “Michael will check up on you and your client long after the project is done to make sure everyone is still happy.” “Such a genuinely nice guy and certainly a talker!” “Service with a smile. No job is too small. He will patch spots and also clean. We have used him personally over and over again.” “We actually rely on him to do a lot of secondary work—he comes in and fixes what the guy before him didn’t do properly.” “We’re a store and can’t shut down during normal business hours just to have work done. Michael volunteered to work nights and weekends just to accommodate this.” “A generational artist.” “I’ve never met a more dependable outside contractor.”

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Posted 10/14/2011
Reviewed By:
Kevin Doyle Long Island City ,NY

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Project Description & Comments:
Service with a smile. Not only hangs all wallpapers beautifully, but he also is great about determining the most efficient way. No job is too small. He will patch spots and also clean. We have used him personally over and over again.
        Cost of Project: $10,001 - 50,000
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