Franklin Report Report Card for Williams Brothers Painting & Decorating in New York City
★ Franklin Report Card
Williams Brothers Painting & Decorating
26 Railraod Avenue
Suite 313
Babylon, NY 11702
(917) 885-1728
Main Contact: Dave Williams
Painters - Decorative, Wallpaperers & Colorists

Services & Specialties
Flawless interior and exterior painting, wallpaper installation and faux finishes

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FR Review:
While able to execute faux finishes and hang any fabric with precision, Dave Williams’ true talent lies in his meticulous prep work. A man who genuinely loves his job, clients say that Williams goes above and beyond to fi x any loose ends on site, whether or not they’re his responsibility. If window treatments need to be removed and reinstalled, cracks need to be patched up, or water damage needs to be treated, clients report that Williams gets it done without hesitation so that he can work with the perfect canvas. The clean-cut painting that follows is natural talent.

Described by all as “easy to work with,” “honest” and “calming,” Williams started painting and hanging in high school and hasn’t stopped since. With the help of his brother on the accounting end and nine highly trained artists, he opened his own company in 2000. Today the firm serves all of New York City, Fairfield, Westchester and the Hamptons. Though mostly residential, Williams’ museum-quality work has been featured in major commercial jobs (including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, appropriately enough).

Clients call Williams’ prices competitive and more than reasonable for the quality and attention to detail the whole crew delivers. They’re known to be just as dedicated to excellence as Williams, and don’t question the boss when he insists the skim coating be redone half a dozen times. Such patience and fastidiousness have customers saying, “once you’re a client, you’re a client for life.”

Representative Client Comments:
“Since I started using them ten years ago, they’re the only ones I go to. I’ve tried others here and there, but none could match their quality.” “The staff really pays attention, you can tell everyone has a lot of training behind them and know what they’re doing.” “Friendly, responsive, and just enjoyable to work with.” “Dave really pays attention to details: he considered the way the sunlight would hit the wall during different times of the day and even year, and made the workers redo and redo and redo it until it was perfect, because he personally would not accept anything less.” “Dave is a real craftsman when it comes to prep work, very elaborate.” “Best for those ‘hysterical’ clients who want to have meetings about the right shade of white for hours. Dave comes in and calms the situation and takes the time with them.” “Perfect execution—Dave is a master.”

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