Franklin Report Report Card for Gregory Lombardi Design in New York City
★ Franklin Report Card
Gregory Lombardi Design
221 Boston Road
North Billerica, MA 01862
(617) 492-2808
Main Contact: Susan Shelkrot
Landscape Architects & Designers
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FR Review:
If you are looking for landscape architects who will advocate for clients in highly regulated areas, Gregory Lombardi Design (GLDI) is the firm for you. With offices in Cambridge, Chatham and Palm Beach, they have significant experience with stringent wetland, historical, conservation, zoning and association rules. GLDI also has a national scope, and has overseen such highly recognizable landscapes as the plantings at The Breakers Hotel in Florida. Clients also praise Gregory Lombardi Design for their aptitude with hardscaping, saying that their stonework designs are particularly impressive.

Each project is vetted and designed solely by Gregory Lombardi himself. He prides himself on managing the creative direction of the firm and describes his style as “detailed and classic, not self-conscious.” designs. His unique creative process involves constructing stories within the landscapes he designs, and Lombardi says that he imagines himself living in the space in order to create a narrative.

Gregory Lombardi Design (GLDI) has seventeen landscape architects on staff, and the firm typically has 30-50 projects going on between their three offices. The company consists solely of designers, but if you would like, Lombardi and his team can get competitive bids for surveys and manage the terms of the contract on weekly or bi-weekly basis. GLDI does draining and irrigation, and will also even go so far as to source pots and outdoor furniture for the client. Lombardi bills at an hourly rate and estimates are always discussed beforehand and customized to the budget and scope of the work.

Representative Client Comments:
“Greg did all the design himself.” “They were able to eliminate the use of fences by creating dropped terraces.” “On the ball with the association and wetlands rules.” “Took care of all the bids.”

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