Franklin Report Report Card for Po Yee 89 in New York City
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Po Yee 89
265 East 78th Street
New York, NY 10075
(212) 288-3021

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Incredibly reasonable, fast, good quality tailor

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FR Review:
A hidden gem of the Upper East Side, this is the place to go for uncomplicated altering. The service is fast, helpful, accommodating and inexpensive. Compared to the average New York tailor, Po Yee charges about half the price for simple jobs and has them done in half the time. The small shop can take in simple dresses, sweaters or pants, but are somewhat untested for higher end products or services. Also, they are said to be very kind and understanding when it comes to an emergency, even for a first time client. A real New York find.

Representative Client Comments:
"I came to them with an entire squash team's set of jackets three days before Nationals when LL Bean shipped the largest size smalls ever created and the embroiderer took an extra week. My regular tailor was on vacation and I was desperate. I was shocked and amazed that they accepted the job with a smile, and all turned out well in the end. I am very grateful!"

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