Franklin Report Report Card for Guggenheim, Asher, Associates, Inc. in Connecticut/Westchester
★ Franklin Report Card
Guggenheim, Asher, Associates, Inc.
511 Avenue of the Americas,
New York, NY 10011
(212) 242-5767
Main Contact: Barbara Guggenheim, Abigail Asher
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Art Advisors/Consultants

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FR Review:
Barbara Guggenheim and Abigail Asher have been major fixtures in the art advisory world since the early 80s. With extensive dealer, gallery, artist and private client relationships around the world, they are as close as you can get to being in the center of the art universe. While they are known for building collections for the likes of Tom Cruise, Stephen Spielberg and Jeffrey Katzenberg, they are surprisingly accessible and equally delighted to start with young or new collectors looking for just one good photograph a year or those with major assembly ambitions.

Clients are extremely appreciative of the time and focus the pair devote to understanding their interests and in developing a strategy. Generally nothing is purchased for the first six months. Instead, the purchaser is educated by looking at reams of past auction catalogs and art books, visiting museums, galleries and dealers, viewing potential concepts online and carefully considering budget and long-term value propositions. And all of this is constantly being reviewed as a collection develops. But even more importantly than all of the requisite research, clients report that Guggenheim & Asher “carry on with an excellent attitude and outstanding personal touch” throughout the process, making for a successful outcome.

The advisors are also highly commended for their understanding of current and future values, “more than earning their fees.” One client reported that when they were in deep pursuit of a particular $1 million+ Sargent painting where the subject, a lady, was scowling, Guggenheim warned the client that the less appealing facial expression was considerably less saleable in the future than other similar works for which the dealer was trying to draw a price comparison. Ultimately, the piece was purchased six months later from a subsequent dealer at 70% of the first asking price. The firm is appreciated for its extensive due diligence including independent condition reports, provenance assessments, exhibition history, and market trends all of which affect value. The firm's fees may be either flat, a percentage, or a combination thereof, and are in line with industry standards.

Clients remain with the firm for decades, and sometimes generations. Guggenheim & Asher are said to completely understand the client’s direction and motivations, offering outstanding long-term solutions. Whether the clients are in search of recognizable masters, otherwise inaccessible artists or the next conceptual innuendo, the firm works to maximize the budget and the collection.

Representative Client Comments:
"As an interior designer, I've had the privilege to work with Barbara over the years with several clients. It is always a joy as you are immediately connected into the heart of the then current art establishment. But the client never feels pressured. Barbara is clear, direct and precise ,and will tell you everything you need to know to make an intelligent decision." "I was on the threshold of purchasing a Picasso print that was cataloged as an original drawing at auction. Barbara was suspect and demanded it be taken out of the frame. She, of course, was correct." "They have taught me so much."

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