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Chaos Theory
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Main Contact: Dayna Brandoff

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Personal organizing

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FR Review:
As the name of her firm implies, principal Dayna Brandoff helps clients grapple with chaos in their lives, in whatever form it takes. This could be anything from a last-minute baby shower for a coworker to the most common encounter with chaos, that closet you've been swearing you'd deal with for years. Whatever the situation, her clients all agree: "I simply couldn't have done it without Dayna." Brandoff began her professional career in publishing, eventually helping a friend open an independent publicity firm. She quickly found, however, that she enjoyed the process of organizing the office more than running it, and has been happily others with the same task ever since. She is a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) and brings a series of skills and formalized procedures to every project. But perhaps most of all, clients single out her winning personality and her approach to helping them deal with often personal situations, which they describe as "warm, intellectual, and utterly helpful." One client, who had worked with a large professional organizing firm before her experiences with Chaos Theory, cited the "can-do, hands-on attitude" and vastly preferred the one-on-one approach. Brandoff's work, largely in the tri-state area, is mostly for individuals in their homes, though she has traveled farther afield, as well as into her client's work environments. She charges an hourly fee for her services, one in line with her competitors. Clients, however, never mention cost, and quickly come to rely on Brandoff for her impeccable sense of order and calming presence.

Representative Client Comments:
"Dayna was just so easy to work's hard to put into words how much she helped." "I lead a very busy life, and I feel like I don't ever have time to sit down and organize it all. Working with Dayna made that possible."

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