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Brett Shelby
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Assured, gentle yet effective dog training

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FR Review:
Following in the footsteps of his renowned dog trainer dad, Brett Shelby is confidently training puppies, rescue dogs and older canines. Shelby recommends that new owners meet with him as soon as possible after the dog arrives in its new home to set the right ground rules. Shelby teaches with a even balance between positive reinforcement and command control to get the job done, having many different tricks up his sleeve depending upon the circumstances.

Most clients start with housebreaking and then move on to more cultivated behavioral mainstays such as come, sit, wait, leave-it, no teeth, heal, down, nice greet. Shelby also can deal with the more difficult territorial and aggression issues by adjusting both the owner and dog to a more relaxed and routine approach. Shelby is a tenured Rockland County Spanish teacher by day and a dog trainer by night (and weekends). Working with dogs all his life, he has also worked extensively in search & rescue. Shelby will often schedule a full day of canine clients in Manhattan on Saturdays. Lessons are usually $150 in the city and $100 closer to home, with package discounts. It is recommended that you call a week in advance for an appointment. Usually 3-5 sessions cover the basics with more time often requested for advanced training by happy owners.
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