Franklin Report Report Card for Demolition Depot in New York City
★ Franklin Report Card
Demolition Depot
216 East 125th Street
New York, NY 10035
(212) 860-1138
Main Contact: Evan Blum
Architectural Salvage
Art & Antiques Services

Services & Specialties
Irreplacable artifacts

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FR Review:
Unique would be an understatement in describing Demolition Depot. Housed in a building on 125th Street, the sign (made from architectural parts) may give some the wrong idea about this facility. They do not sell junk. Major designers trust owner Evan Blum for his keen eye and artisan staff. Few stores can claim to stock doors from Jackie O.’s apartment and a doorframe from Mrs. Whitney’s home (to name a just a few of the items lying about at Demolition Depot). Blum truly sells “Irreplaceable Artifacts,” the more accurate name of his other location in Middletown, Connecticut. The only way to truly explain Blum’s stock is that he buys and sells objects of exceptional provenance.

Blum has been a collector of antique architectural elements and salvage material for forty-one years. By purchasing the salvage rights to buildings that will be demolished, he is able to rescue vintage plumbing fixtures, doors, windows, shutters, railings, gates, grills, mantels, stone and terracotta pieces, religious objects and lighting. His store also has a department that replicates indoor and outdoor antique lighting fixtures. Craftsmen at Demolition Depot can restore and install what is sold there. In addition to the building on the South side of 125th Street, Blum also has a store on the North side of the street called Schmuck Bros. of Pennsylvania Antique Liquidators that stores only antique fireplaces.

Customers go to Blum by reputation. Half store owner, half designer, he tries to understand each client individually, from supplying tools and materials to spec-ing out and theme-ing an interior. Blum has many A-list clients under his belt in both the residential and commercial sector. He supplied materials for the Bowery Hotel, Bowery Bar, Maritime Hotel, Jane Hotel and the Soho House. He supplies store fixtures for high-end retailers, Ralph Lauren, J. Crew and Lily Pulitzer, and has supplied bars and fixtures to all of the restaurants in the Odeon Restaurant group. Individual clients include filmmaker Julian Schnabel and the creative director of Coach. Blum describes his clients as “untypical” people who want “untypical pieces,” and says that his “best customers are educated customers.” Prices are at or below trade, and, like an antique store, difficult to predict. Whether you want to own a piece of architectural history or just accurately reproduce a period - and don’t mind stairs and dust - Demolition Depot should be your first stop. But not in heels.

Representative Client Comments:
“There’s no other place quite like it.” “Evan appraises for Sotheby’s and Christie’s. That’s how much he knows about the industry.” “No one would ever say their prices are cheap, but look at what you’re getting. Merchandise like that retails for twice that downtown.” “I simply don’t know where else to find vintage plumbing.” “Their selection of bars and paneled rooms is remarkable.”

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