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Clutter Therapy
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(212) 249-8276
Main Contact: Wendy Samuel

Services & Specialties
Professional organizer specializing in paper

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FR Review:
Drowning in paper? Most people can relate to the feeling of paper overload, and that’s where Clutter Therapy comes in. Wendy Samuel has been in the organization business since 1994. After getting burned out running an executive search business, she began working for Linda Rothschild of Cross It Off Your List, a professional organizing firm. She started her own business a year later. Clutter Therapy specializes in paper management and helping individuals to set up filing systems and get into a habit so they don’t end up with paper chaos. Her end goal is for clients to have a place for everything so that they can retrieve things easily with a searchable file index.

Clients are typically people with home offices or individuals within larger offices. For existing clients, Samuel will help with residential organization, but that is not the focus of her company. She also does residential and small business moves. Though Samuel is the sole employee of her firm, she does hire assistants on a project-to-project basis and Samuel vets all of these hires through referrals. Assistants sometimes help with bill paying and maintenance (once or twice a week, whatever the client wants). Samuel’s clients come almost one hundred percent from personal referral. She charges on an hourly basis with a four hour per session minimum and will take on clients for a single session. Samuel works primarily in Manhattan, but will travel further for existing clients.
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