Franklin Report Report Card for Post Pattern in New York City
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Post Pattern
100 Tatnic Road
Brooklyn, CT 06234
(860) 774-7911
Main Contact: Mark Luzio
Millwork & Cabinetry

Services & Specialties
Distinguished one-man shop for millwork and cabinetry

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FR Review:
Mark Luzio, the one-man band behind Post Pattern, receives rave reviews from the most choosy of contractors and designers. We’re told that the level of Luzio’s workmanship is “museum-quality.” Luzio, who is based in northern Connecticut, has worked as a cabinetmaker and millworker since the 70’s. He trained in New York City before starting his own shop in 1982. Since 1985, Luzio has done significant subcontracting work for famed architect Basil Walter and high-end contractor Peter Strasser (he even did the cabinets in Strasser’s own home). His pieces have also been showcased to the public as part of the esteemed Paradise City Fairs of Fine and Functional Art.

Luzio’s scope is New York City, Long Island, Westchester and Connecticut, though most of his projects are concentrated in Manhattan and East Hampton. He is capable of doing design work on his own, and specializes in custom furniture, paneled rooms, cabinets and kitchens. Luzio works in all hardwoods, but his most common requests are mahogany and cherry. He always quotes upfront, and his prices are based on materials and hours. Cost ranges widely, but since he is a one-man shop, Luzio rarely does projects that go over $100,000. It’s reported that Luzio’s prices are very reasonable, he is a pleasure to work with and has great timing.

Representative Client Comments:
“Mark is at the top of his craft.” “A master craftsman. Five star rating.” “The level of his work is museum-quality.” “Mark is incredibly reasonable.” “Mark has a wonderful shop in Connecticut.” “He’s done some of the best woodworking in my high-end renovations.” “He excels in 18th-, 19th- and 20th-century furniture styles.” “His timing is good and what’s expected.”

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