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FR Review:
You're in the Metropolitan Museum, racing to find a portrait of a Duke with a scar over his eye before your opponent does. No, you're not in a Dan Brown thriller, you're on a Watson Adventure. This company creates unique scavenger hunts for corporate and private events, appealing to those who want to break away from dry team-building exercises and humdrum cocktail-and-appetizer get-togethers. Each hunt (there are over sixty to choose from) is tailored around a location or a theme, ranging from museum hunts to neighborhood adventures to Harry Potter-themed excursions for the young (or young at heart). The clues are designed to highlight different team members' strengths: some are word puzzles, others memory exercises or visual hints. They can also be customized (at an additional cost) in case you want a clue to feature a little shout-out to a special guest.

Founded in 1999 by entertainment writer Bret Watson, Watson Adventures now has over a dozen employees spread out over the US. Surprisingly, there is actually a good amount of competition in this unique niche, but sources say Watson has the edge for two reasons. One, its hunts are just plain funnier and smarter. And two, the level of professionalism is very high. Unsurprisingly, the prices are not rock-bottom, but spreading the cost across a large group can mitigate the expense. And with a host of high-profile recommendations, including Jeff Bezos of Amazon and executives at Apple, those in the know clearly think Watson is worth it.

Representative Client Comments:
"Fun, clever and well-run! I can't wait for my next adventure."

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