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FR Review:
Half life coach and half fitness instructor, veteran of the fitness industry, Patricia Moreno tries to in inspire long-lasting change and get people off the weight loss yoyo. Moreno developed intenSati in 2000, and it is a practice to train the mind so that the body can lose weight by bringing coaching element into the class. Part yoga, part meditation, and part inspirational speaking, Moreno’s classes are aimed at shifting the dialogue into participants’ minds to a more positive outlook. Moreno believes that how you do anything is how you do everything. Thus, the mind is the key to sustainable and maintainable weight loss. She teaches group classes at Equinox gym and themed workshops once a month with affirmations. She also sells DVD’s for yoga, kickboxing and core that run about $14.99. To become a teacher or “leader” of the intenSati method, Moreno sells virtual training courses online that run from $100-$500. Teachers must be experienced in yoga or dance and take a one-year warrior training (virtual) course with a once a month reading list. To complete the training, there is a day of intensive testing that occurs over a weekend. Several of Moreno’s happy clients feel that her methods really work. However, some people may be adverse to the overly enthusiastic mantras and affirmation elements in her workouts.

Representative Client Comments:
“I truly believe that the amazing changes that have occurred in my life are because of the way intenSati empowered me to channel and focus my creative energy. In just one class, I’ve done a cardio, strength and stretch workout, cleared my head of negative thoughts, fueled myself with positive affirmations, and sealed it in with a moment or two of meditation. It’s absolutely the best start to my day.” “I found IntenSati a few years ago and do the DVD’s in my living room whenever I need a great work out, feel like dancing and/or feel the need to lift my spirits. It always delivers!” intenSati gave me the power I was lacking and the proof that I was actually ready, willing and able to take control of my life and make things happen.” “I cannot begin to tell you how much Sati has changed my life! My issue with food is no longer an issue. It is very easy to just say no to those things I do not want to put into this amazing body of mine, because I now know I am worthy of feeling this healthy.” “Prior to practicing Sati, I was reading several personal empowerment books and was implementing these studies successfully in some areas of my life, but never when it came to my weight. It wasn’t until my first intenSati class that a light bulb went off. Marrying the mental with the physical was a crucial awakening for me and it was through this connection that I have achieved an 80lb weight-loss and continue to work towards my greater weight loss goals.”

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