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Punch Designer Services
152 Kent Street, Suite 3
Brooklyn, NY 11222
(347) 866-0191
Main Contact: David McMurray
Art Installation

Services & Specialties
Creative problem solving

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FR Review:
When interior designers don't know who to call, they call David McMurray. He and his team at Punch help untangle the kind of knotty problems that aren't easily described, let alone solved; say, for example, figuring out a way to make a persnickety patio umbrella fit into a mis-sized stand, or taking apart and reassembling a Viking stove, piece by piece, after the manufacturer had walked away. Simply put, Punch helps designers drill down the items on their punch lists, especially the thorny ones other subcontractors can't or won't touch. For that, and for the sense of calm and order they bring to installs, this unique, young firm has become a reliable go-to for a small group of designers in the city.

McMurray, an artist and art handler by trade, makes a point of hiring other artists to staff Punch. References say this is a key element of the company's strength: they come to a jobsite with an aesthetic sensibility and a creative approach to problem solving. These are people who speak the language of design. Likewise, Punch is not the company to call to fix a leaky faucet or to repair an AC; those tasks are better left to the appropriate subs. McMurray charges a reasonable, if not cheap, hourly fee for all of Punch's services (which, in addition to the aforementioned knotty problem-solving include art installation, lamp rewiring, holiday decoration, etc.). The firm is a currently a well-kept secret among a small circle of A-level designers, those in need of Punch's services should act now before McMurray's dance card is filled up.

Representative Client Comments:
"I use them all the time, I've never given them a problem they couldn't fix." "Great for major installs."

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