Franklin Report Report Card for Thistle Hill Weavers in New York City
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Thistle Hill Weavers
101 Chestnut Ridge Road
Cherry Valley, NY 13320
(866) 384-2729
Main Contact: Rabbit Goody
Textiles & Tapestries

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Antique textile reproduction and restoration

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FR Review:
Rabbit Goody, principal of Thistle Hill Weavers, is a self-described, “original hippie-back-to-the-land-er.” She tells us her interest in textiles dates back to when she was sixteen years old and wanted to “build own house, grow own food and make own clothes.” Ever a process-oriented individual, Goody started spinning with a stick and a potato, and built her first loom by hand. She has spent the past forty years learning about textiles. Goody honed her craft reproducing historic textiles for the Mystic Seaport Museum and the Farmer’s Museum in Cooperstown, New York.

Thistle Hill specializes in seventeenth to nineteenth century historic textiles with an interest in the transition from hand to power technologies. Goody has six employees and operates like an old guild master tradesman shop rather than a factory. Thistle Hill uses only old mill equipment. The oldest looms are from the late 1880’s and oldest power equipment is from the 1960’s. They have an international scope, and have done projects as far as California and South Wales. Goody regularly works for the National Park Service, and boasts that she has “worked for all the dead presidents, ” with pieces in the Boston Museum of Art, Monticello, Mount Vernon, and The Hermitage.

The company does work for film industry, museums, private clients with historic homes and contemporary designers producing their own lines of eco-friendly fabrics and samples. Though Thistle Hill does not do any dyeing itself, the business work with dyers who use non-polluting (organic) dyes. After taking on a project, Goody comes up with estimate. One third of the cost is due at the beginning, one third while a piece is in production and the balance when the piece is shipped. Thistle Hill does not have much competition in historic textile reproduction and does things at any stage with their clients. Though prices can be high, their flexibility and unique skills make Thistle Hill Weavers one of the only places left to go for projects of this nature.

Representative Client Comments:
"Thistle Hill is really a throwback." "Rabbit is truly a textile expert." "The work she's done for us has been stunning."

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