Franklin Report Report Card for Alan Flusser in New York City
★ Franklin Report Card
Alan Flusser
3 East 48th Street
Third FloorNY 10017
(212) 888-4500
Main Contact: Alan Flusser

Services & Specialties
Bespoke men's clothing

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FR Review:
Occupying an entirely different universe than the guy down the street who hems your pants, Alan Flusser is a celebrity clothier of international repute; his CV includes everything from penning a bestselling sartorial guidebook to dressing Gordon Gekko in the film Wall Street. Applied to Flusser, the term "dandy" loses its foppishness and instead conjures up the image of a man dressed creatively, boldly, and to a purpose. To be sure, those in search of a paint-by-numbers business suit can get a better deal elsewhere: penny pinchers and strict conservative dressers should look elsewhere. But for the sartorially inclined, Flusser's Midtown HQ, designed to occupy the intersection between a classic Park Avenue gentleman's club and a Savile Row tailor's shop, is a minor Mecca. There, he sells custom suits, shirts, trousers and trenches in addition to a full haberdashery of neckwear, belts, and handkerchiefs. All aspects of the operation are overseen by Flusser, who references say is sharp, detail-oriented, and possessing of an encyclopedic knowledge of clothes and clothing history. Interestingly, Flusser himself is not a tailor by trade. Rather, he designs the suits, and a handpicked staff executes their construction. The prices are high, and turnaround doesn't happen overnight. However Flusser is quite simply one of the biggest names in custom men's clothing: you can't rush genius, nor can you get it on the cheap.

Representative Client Comments:
"THE last word on fine American clothing." "Something of a character...the shop is amazing."

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