Franklin Report Report Card for Nino Corvato in New York City
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Nino Corvato
420 Madison Avenue, Suite 406
New York, NY 10017
(212) 980-4980
Main Contact: Nino Corvato

Services & Specialties
Master Italian tailor

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FR Review:
The archetype of the meticulous, gentlemanly Italian tailor finds its paragon in Nino Corvato. After graduating from a design and cutting school in Sicily, he moved to New York, where his first job was at Brooks Brothers, back in the days when it was a small company making the finest bespoke suits in New York, not an international chain populating airports and strip malls. After a twenty-year tenure there, Corvato stepped out on his own in the early eighties. According to experts, he has maintained a consistently high level of quality ever since. Not a flashy celebrity tailor or stylist with a signature look, Corvato has a reputation for quiet excellence and a devoted group of followers who covet his "perfect, subtle" suits. The emphasis is on the client, not the cloth. That being said, Corvato does have a sense of sartorial propriety. In his world, there is a right and a wrong way to make a bespoke suit, and clients learn to be firm when asking the tailor to deviate from his tried and true methods. Prices are not cheap (though completely in line with other master tailors), and turnaround time is not lightning fast. But fans don't go to Corvato for a bargain or a quick fix. They go to him for the details, the workmanship, and the experience of having a garment made by the finest Old World Italian tailor in New York.

Representative Client Comments:
"Truly special place and a unique experience." "Nino is one of the good guys." "His suits don't jump out at you, they're perfect in a very relaxed way." "Old world in a completely unpretentious way." "Made Letterman's suits for years."

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