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11 Factory Street
Montgomery, NY 12549
(845) 649-5806
Main Contact: Jesse Meyer
Leather Goods & Repair

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FR Review:
The thousand-year-old technique of making parchment is alive today at Pergamena. Jesse Meyer, originally a sculptor, became interested in the material as he was carving out a place for himself in his family business, Richard E. Meyer & Sons Leather. Parchment is raw animal skin that has been stretched and cleaned. Despite having been in the tannery business for over five-hundred-years, parchment was a new product for the company. Meyer named his parchment-making arm Pergamena, the Latin word for parchment.

The firm caters to bookbinders, conservators and calligraphers, but looking to fill small niches to stay in business, Meyer began working with interior and lighting designers who use his materials for paneling, furniture, desktops, wall panels and shades. One of their more recognizable projects is a large wall installation in the Park Hyatt Hotel in Shanghai. Though it may look delicate, parchment is actually a tough material that long outlasts paper. The Magna Carta, Dead Sea Scrolls, and the Declaration of Independence were all written on parchment, and Pergamena sells replicas of these documents for purchase. The company also sells other premade gift items premade on their website in addition to the raw materials themselves. The parchment is priced like leather by the square foot and by the skin, but Meyer recommends that potential clients unfamiliar with the material consult with him because he can guide them on how many skins they will need and the thickness. For interior decoration, the most commonly used product is goatskin parchment, which runs $14 per square foot. For this unique and beautiful material, there is simply nowhere else to go besides Pergamena.

Representative Client Comments:
“Parchment diffuses light very well. It gives rooms a really soft glow.” “Jesse has a great eye and is very helpful in guiding you in using his materials.” “Pergamena is the only place to parchment in America.” “I get all my parchment for calligraphy from Pergamena.”

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