Franklin Report Report Card for Prestige Cleaners in Connecticut/Westchester
★ Franklin Report Card
Prestige Cleaners
1008 Hope St
Stamford, CT 068907
(203) 961-1255
FR Rated
Dry Cleaning & Laundry

Services & Specialties
Small clothes cleaning service

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FR Review:
Assigning nicknames to all her clients such as “darling” or “sweetie,” Hilda of Prestige Cleaners always manages to brighten your day when you pick up your perfectly cleaned clothes. This tiny shop in Stamford offers wash and fold, dry cleaning and tailoring services. It is inexpensive and Hilda’s smile makes it impossible to not become a repeat customer. Clients also don’t mind that the shop doesn’t deliver because it’s an excuse to visit. Prestige Cleaners has a reputation for exceptional customer service and quality.

Representative Client Comments:
“So friendly and service is great, the value is unbeatable.” “They don’t deliver, but that means I get to see Hilda more.” “I would never go anywhere else, I have been using them for 10 years and have never had a problem.” “Great quality.”

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