Franklin Report Report Card for Atelier Viollet in New York City
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Atelier Viollet
505 Driggs Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(718) 782-1727
Main Contact: Jean Paul Viollet
FR Rated
Custom Furniture Design & Reproduction

Services & Specialties
Bespoke new Art Deco design

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FR Review:
Part of a long line of French furniture designers, Jean Paul Viollet has established a home for new Art Deco design in Brooklyn. From goatskin to mica, palm wood to iron and bronze, stingray skin to buffalo horn to gypsum crystal, Viollet draws his inspiration from the materials themselves. He declares proudly, “Function first and design second—design should give honor to the materials.” Viollet came to America in the 80s and established his Williamsburg workshop in 1991.

Viollet’s wife Sandrine also works for Atelier Viollet. She is self-taught in straw marquetry, and this singular art form, painstakingly created, graces elements of Atelier Viollet furniture in all kinds of colors and patterns. High-profile designers such as Peter Marino and Brian McCarthy flock to Viollet’s workshop and openings for his understated and elegant furniture. Prices are on par with other made-to-order pieces, but understand that you’re buying works of art.
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