Franklin Report Report Card for Empire Safe Co. Inc. in New York City
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Empire Safe Co. Inc.

6 East 39th Street
New York, NY 10016
(212) 684-2255
(800) 543-5412
Main Contact: David D. Doernberg

Security Systems

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Services & Specialties
Jewelry store quality safes with style

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FR Review:
Do you keep valuable items in your home? If so, where should you keep them? We’re told that Empire Safe answers this question not only with style, but also with a reputation that stands on years of building vaults and safes for the New York City commercial jewelry industry for over 110 years. Richard Krasilovsky is the third-generation CEO and president of this family owned and operated company. Empire Safe’s products are installed with a six-digit number that only you know. The safes are steel plated on six sides with concrete in the middle of the steel for fire safety. At six to seven hundred pounds, it would be very difficult for a prospective thief to carry it out of your home. They are also bolted into the floor and raised on a steel platform to a convenient level should you want to get something out of it.

Clients tell us that Empire Safes are not only functional, but also beautiful and come in a variety of customizable interiors. For custom cabinetry, the company has many options for beautiful wood interiors including white oak, walnut, birdseye maple, and vermillion. Customers can choose exactly which types of jewelry or heirloom trays they want fit into the drawers they design. Often, clients choose to have watch winders also installed. The design and installation process takes four to six weeks. Your can either visit their showroom or have an Empire Safe Security Consultant (vetted for criminal records) come to your home to ascertain your needs, for example the size of the safe and where you intend to put it.

Empire safes all come with warranties, and the company stands behind everything they sell. There are thirty-five different sized safes with different price points starting at $2,000 plus the cost of custom interiors.

Representative Client Comments:
“Very discreet.” “Highly reputable. It’s not the type of thing you talk to your friends and neighbors about, but everyone knows them.” “They deal with professional jewelers, so you know they’re good.” “I’d rather keep my items in a safe in my home than in a safety deposit box.”

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