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Sewell Fine Portraiture LLC
1365 York Avenue
New York, NY 10021
(212) 535-5608
Main Contact: Jasmine Sewell

Services & Specialties
Fine portraits

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FR Review:
When hiring new artists, Jasmine Sewell, managing director of Sewell Fine Portraiture, looks for painters who can do more than just copy a photograph - she prides herself on hiring true artists who can capture the spirit of their subjects. Sewell has spent her whole life in the art world. Trained as a fine artist, she worked in Christie's Russian Department for five years. She then went on to a portrait gallery and ran that business after the death of the owner. In 2009, Sewell opened her own firm. She has a staff of twenty-five artists and a client list that is a rich mix of the who’s who of politics, academia and high society.

The portrait process takes up to a year and the client can collaborate as much or as little as he or she wants. Depending on who the sitter is, Sewell pre-selects six artists. She then meets with the client, goes into style, budget, unveiling date, and artist portfolios, after which she and the client decide on an artist. The artist spends two to three days with the client and a few hours of each day taking photographs and drawing color sketches. Later, three quarters of the way through, the clients can see images or the work in person for any changes.

For some artists at the firm there is a waiting list, but Sewell is said to be accommodating. Prices are based on size of the figure (whether it is head and shoulders, half figure, or full figure) and the size of the painting. Portraits of this caliber can be pricey, but for a true work of art that takes a year to construct, those who go to Sewell Fine Portraiture feel it is a treasure more than worth the wait and expense.

Representative Client Comments:
"You'll find portraits from Sewell artists hanging everywhere from universities to major government buildings." "Truly special artists." "Jasmine knows how to pick her artists." "A very unique experience." "Portaits have life, which is rare when dealing with this type of thing."

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