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Crisp Architects
16 Washington Avenue
Millbrook, NY 12545
(845) 677-8256
Main Contact: James Crisp

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High-end, traditional elegance

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FR Review:
Clients wholeheartedly recommend Crisp Architects’ fine traditional design and established reputation. Established in 1985, the firm’s style is known for reflecting the historic nature of the Hudson Valley itself. Marrying classic architectural lines with modern amenities, Crisp Architects has amassed a happy list of clients who rave about principal, Jimmy Crisp’s, “clean, light and warm,” aesthetic.

Crisp holds a bachelor of Architecture from Louisiana State University and has been licensed since 1984. His firm has nine employees and one additional licensed architect besides Crisp. Though the company takes on up to twenty-five projects at once, Crisp has a stellar reputation and is known for being “very hands on,” and “involved and available,” at every stage of construction. The business is full-service and is said to follow projects from beginning to end. Crisp Architects contracts directly with homeowners to create detailed working designs, find construction managers and contractors, and manage bids.

Project size varies from 800 square foot guest homes and accessory buildings to 16,000 square foot new buildings. However, most new homes and renovations fall in the 2,000-5,000 square foot range. The firm charges an average mark-up over construction cost and will estimate the total budget before beginning work and adjust it to match the contract itself. Crisp Architects may not be the best place to go for über-modern walls of glass, but for a classic style and great service, you are in the right place.

Representative Client Comments:
"Jimmy's aesthetic is clean, open and uses the best plan to bring in light and warmth. And his adding the outside space and porches makes the house inviting in every season." "At the time, we were trying to decide whether to buy elsewhere or build on our property. We looked at existing homes in the area and were unhappy with what we saw. We also looked on line at architects in the Dutchess County area, also unsure. One day when we were driving around we saw this absolutely beautiful home...with clean lines and inviting use of light and windows. Dawn that is a house! As we drove around the curve there was a sign that said " Crisp Architects" ....and the next day we called Jimmy!" "All of the contacts we had with everyone in his firm was easy and friendly. Our wants and needs met in a beautiful plan and the outcome is more than we ever hoped for. When we hear stories from others about their trials while undergoing the planning and building of their homes, or even apartments, we can only we never had one of those stories to tell!" "They specialize in designing and supervising the building of beautiful, classic homes - ours at the time was the smallest - about 2000 square feet, with 800 square feet of porches." "We love the house and the experience with Jimmy was wonderful. During the design phase, he was cooperative and involved. He presented us with options, and always made his position clear, and why he held it." "Once building started, he, and our great builder, Lin Chamberlin, from Chamberlin Construction were always involved and available, fulfilling the plans, and/or adding to or altering them when needed to,optimize the design and build. We met regularly throughout - Jimmy is very hands on, as is Lin, when the building was going on - it was easy for us." "Jimmy's team was also particularly helpful, in assisting my wife, Dawn in realizing the interior design (Dawn deserves a lot of credit for how beautiful the house is inside, and how comfortable)." "I must say, we had very few circumstances which could be called problems, but when there were issues, both Jimmy and Lin were on top of them immediately - they have very high standards, and insisted on those standards being met."

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