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Fred Licht Photography

3355 Reta Street
La Crescenta, CA 91214
(818) 249-9500
Main Contact: Fred Licht

Architectural Photographers

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Services & Specialties
Architectural photography; environmental portraiture

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FR Review:
Fred Licht is an architectural photographer commended by sources for his artistic eye, his calm demeanor, and his ability to tell the story of a room in one perfect shot. A veteran of the industry, Licht has been a professional since 1990, working for some of biggest magazines and brands in the business over the course of his career. His work is thoughtful, composed, and free of excessive sheen or gimmickry (Licht's clients often use the word "classic"). In manner, he is described as "extremely thoughtful, patient, and friendly"—he is just as comfortable speaking the aesthetic language of art history (Lict has an MA in art/art history from UCLA) with designers as he is talking business with frantic editors on a deadline. Licht also is an accomplished portraitist - he often photographs his clients in their homes or gardens, leading to a relaxed session that yields a natural, charming result.

Practically speaking, Licht's operation is compact and efficient. He sometimes makes use of an assistant but just as often works alone, bringing his own lighting and rig to the site. He will also do most of the post-production Photoshop work himself (complicated inserts may require an outside professional). Licht shoots digitally, but with the mentality of a film photographer; he prefers to take "fewer, better pictures" rather than create an overwhelming mountain of options. His range of abilities extends to product photography and marketing work, but clients most strongly praise his interiors, saying he "knows how to capture the emotions of a room better than most." Licht's rates are not cheap, but they are competitive given his level of expertise, and clients always feel they have been given an extraordinary value for their money. Said one: "five shots from Fred are worth ten by anyone else."

Representative Client Comments:
"He sees things I don't see." "He's in the upper middle range of cost, but his value is high...I always get more working with Fred than I do with other photographers." "He will always listen to what you want."

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