Franklin Report Report Card for Scordio Construction Inc. in New York City
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Scordio Construction Inc.
560 4th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11215
(718) 369-0500
Main Contact: Anthony Scordio
Contractors - General

Services & Specialties
High end residential contracting

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FR Review:
Scordio Construction is a tried-and-true residential contracting firm. In business for over thirty-five years, this mid-sized company is the antithesis of a flashy, marketing-driven startup GC–Scordio has built its reputation on reliability, client service, and solid work. Founded by veteran Anthony Scordio, the firm is focused on Manhattan and Brooklyn, mostly tackling larger projects throughout the city. Stylistically, recent years have seen Scordio execute projects with a modern bent (Chelsea lofts, UES penthouses, an 8,000 square foot SoHo triplex profiled in The New York Times) but the firm has no shortage of traditional townhouses under its belt. Architects and designers who have worked with the firm highlight Scordio's "skilled craftsman," "professional, clean projects" and "on-time, on-budget" results.

Scordio himself is an industry lifer–he grew up working in construction and started his own firm at age nineteen, doing door-to-door repairs in Brooklyn. Over time, the business has grown exponentially, but a sense of hands-on practicality has endured (many contractors work on their own homes, Scordio built his firm's Gowanus office building himself in his spare time). References appreciate an "old school in the best way" vibe, and praise Scordio's exceptional follow-through–many have worked with the firm for over twenty years and highlight the fact that his crew will come back for minor repairs and maintenance. He helms a staff of forty-five, with seven project managers each overseeing one significant job at a time. The firm does carpentry, finishing, masonry, tile and stone in house, relying on trusted subs for intricate millwork and the technical trades (HVAC, A/V, Etc.)

Scordio's portfolio and pricing place them in the upper tier of New York contractors–the firm prides itself on taking smaller jobs, but generally won't do a one-room project for less than 50k. However, it often comes in with a lower bid than its competitors. References say a focus on nuts and bolts rather than bells and whistles makes Scordio a great value. For a high-powered contracting firm long on delivery and short on pretension, they hail Scordio as "my go-to."

Representative Client Comments:
"The project planning and hands-on approach to our projects has ensured both on time and on budget for the original scope." "Personable, knowledgeable and extremely professional." "They are in my opinion the BEST NY contractor, especially for residential clients." "Anthony's follow-through is one of a kind." "We have fostered an almost two-decade professional partnership." "The crew has worked for Scordio for a very long time, all of them take pride in their work." "Worked with them over the course of twenty years." "Impressive caliber of work and customer service."

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