Franklin Report Report Card for Signet Education in New York City
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Signet Education
1001 Sixth Avenue, Suite 2201
New York, NY 10018
(212) 945-8164
Main Contact: Sheila Akbar
Academic Tutors & Counselors

Services & Specialties
Academic tutoring

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FR Review:
Signet Education was founded in Boston by several veteran tutors in 2008. After four years of rapid growth, the company opened a small New York branch in 2011, bringing their mix of adaptable curriculum and Ivy League bonafides to the Big Apple. In the particularly crowded field of academic tutoring, sources say Signet stands out in two ways. One, the firm is more focused on subject tutoring than admissions and test prep (though they perform those services as well). For smart kids whose academic goals involve more than just a particular number on the SATs, this is a welcome change of pace. Second, Signet earns kudos from parents for their flexibility in addressing the individualized needs of each student. This is not a "one size fits all" program. If a particular tutor isn't quite working, the staff will find one that does. And with a deep pool of tutors, most Ivy League educated and "quite overqualified" (want a PhD in physics to teach your daughter long division?), there's no shortage of options. Though their services are not cheap, within the rarefied world of high-end academic tutoring, Signet Education is actually a relative bargain. Parents are advised to get on board now, while the firm is still a new presence in the city.

Representative Client Comments:
"My daughter's test scores went from 50% to 90% after using Signet." "The level of service was very high." "The first tutor we had wasn't working out, but we talked about it and they found a perfect replacement...I was so impressed with how well they listened." "My son needed to pass a test and we waited until the last minute to find help. Signet came through in a big way."

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